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How long does the standard repair process take ?

About 15 Minute. Long Cracks and multiple chips may take extra time.

Do I need an appointment?

Never, just drive up. We know your time is valuable.

Can long & short cracks be repaired?

Absolutely. Not a day goes by without us repairing several 2 -3 foot cracks. But don’t wait, at some point it will be too long to repair.

Can you repair the damage right after a carwash or when the glass is wet / rain?

This is never recommended. Do not wash the car just before the repair process. If your glass is wet, then it must dry out before the repair process. Depending on the weather & time of day / year, this may take a couple of hours or more to completely dry out. If you’re expecting to drive through rain on the day of your repair, then consider placing tape over the dry damage area before it gets wet.

Will my insurance cover the rock chip repair/damage at no cost?

Most full coverage policies with major national insurance brands do.

How long will the repair last?

A lifetime, including a written warranty.

Why should I pick your Company?

We’ve been completing professional quality repairs for over 20 years with a near-perfect record. Our technicians are certified nationally and will provide you with reliable, outstanding customer service.

Any other questions?

Please call 832-833-2533 during office hours. Our staff will be happy to answer your particular questions.