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Did you know that … Most of our Customers qualify for the

“NO-Cost” Rock Chip Repair? Here’s how it works:

For ordinary rock Chips and small cracks, Most every major insurance Company will waive your Deductible so that it is “No-Cost” to you for most repairs.

This standard insurance program ONLY works when you have Full coverage / Comprehensive Insurance.

Insurance makes this Free / No-Cost so that you have no excuse not to repair it before it spreads to far.

Bring your insurance card with you. We handle the paperwork and phone call. Most calls are about 2 minutes & standard repairs generally take about 12 – 13 minutes.

Give us 15 minutes & we give you a repair that will last a lifetime … all at no cost to you.


If you don’t qualify for the free repair, or choose to pay out-of-pocket, the service cost is listed below:


1st Rock Chip – $69.00

2nd Rock Chip – $10.00

3rd, etc.  – ea. $10.00


up to 8 inches – $70.00+*

8-12 inches – $80.00+*

1 Foot – 3 feet – Pricing varies by length

*& up, depending on damage.

Cash, Credit & Debit card accepted!



Front Glass, Windshield, Windscreen, Side Glass, Back Glass, Side Mirror, Rearview Mirror

Some Damage just can’t be repaired. Fortunately, Glass Replacement Options are simple.

Simply said, Glass replacement is not Rocket Science. Neither is it Costly for most vehicles. Call for immediate low pricing.

Here’s how we price replacements to get YOU the best price:

We’ve taken the steps to make sure your glass replacement options are simple & affordable. Our pricing models benefit from a lot of things including:

  • No costly warehousing of glass; No buildings full of costly replacement bays because we pick up our glass on the way to you.
  • Our Replacement Technicians have made a career replacing windshields. The average time at your location is less than 45 minutes (in most cases).
  • Proficient Technicians and our 100% Mobile Replacement service is how we pass the savings on to you.

We have arrangements with the major glass warehouses so that we don’t need to stock 1,000’s of windshield models. Instead, we pick up the glass direct that same day at discounted prices. By lowering our inventory & warehouse space, we pass these savings on to you.

On arrival, we review the replacement process with you before we change your glass. Meanwhile, you’re free to continue with your regular day at work, at home, or elsewhere without having to wait and waste your time in an inconvenient lobby somewhere.

Glass replacement quotes and options require you to give us the specifics about your vehicle. Calling 832-818-1763 now is much quicker than sending emails and constantly checking for the reply only to need more specific information such as year, make, model, and more.

We will ask you specific questions and then give you a great price and schedule the time and place for the replacement at your convenience. Most replacements can be done within 24 hours or less from the time of your call.

Call early to schedule early, because our prices keep us busy. Glass replacement is rarely done on Sundays or holidays.

Cash, Credit & Debit card accepted!


We have long standing relationships and pricing for Fleet, Specialized, and Government Accounts.

For Federal, State, or Local Government accounts, we provide security clearance, including access to restricted / unmarked vehicles.

Schools & Districts

These are treated like Government accounts- We repair / replace bus glass also.

18 Wheelers

Your truck needs to be on the road. We continue to solve your glass repair & replacement needs during the limited time the vehicles are parked for their regular storage and maintenance.


Dealerships have special needs which we will service on your schedule.

Corporate Fleets

These include service trucks, and on road / off road vehicles. Service can be arranged around your schedule.

Call us and we will schedule a meeting at your office to discuss your needs.